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Dewatering Screen

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Dewatering Screen

advantage Durable and sturdy, with low energy consumption

  • Capacity10-200t/h
  • Feed size≤10mm
  • Output moistureAdjustable

Applicable materials:Tailings dry discharge, fine sand recovery, washed sand, coal slime dehydration, soil remediation, sewage treatment, etc.

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Dewatering Screen

Dehydration screen is also called dehydration vibrating screen. Materials with high water content coming out of the sand washing machine or filter press (such as filtration and enrichment equipment) are directly discharged to the back end of the dehydration screen. The dehydration screen constantly vibrates. Widely used in coal slime recovery, filter coarse, filter coarse machine other materials dehydration, recovery process conditions, can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the amplitude, Angle and the use of single or double layer sieve plate.

Dewatering Screen

Performance Feature

  • Dewatering Screen

    Adopt high quality sieve plate, impact resistance, wear resistance.

  • Dewatering Screen

    Easy replacement of vibrating motor.

  • Dewatering Screen

    The body adopts thickened profile with high strength.

  • Dewatering Screen

    The rubber spring is used for good shock absorption effect.

Working Principle

Dewatering Screen

Dewatering screen adopts double motor self-synchronization technology, universal eccentric block, adjustable amplitude vibrator, mainly composed of screen box, shock absorber, support system and motor. The material is uniformly fed into the screen inlet by the feed box (or hydrocyclone). Remove about 1/3 of the water at 45° horizontal pre-dehydrated sieve plate installation. After entering the junction of the flat screen plate and the inclined screen plate, the material accumulates. Material particles settle by gravity and begin to form a thin filter layer. The filter layer also prevents other particles from passing through the screen, making the filter layer gradually thicker. Water that fails to pass through the screen forms a pool above the filter layer. Because the filtration layer here is so thin, the water is gradually removed by intense motion. The vibration state of high frequency amplitude makes the particles formed by the filter layer of tailings become more and more dense and vibrate to the discharge port.

Technical Parmeter

  • Dewatering Screen
model Sieve plate specification(mm) Feed size(mm) Capacity(t/h) motor power(KW)
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