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The Washing Production Line of Peru Customer's High-quality Mechanical Sand Project Has Been Put Into Operation

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The Washing Production Line of Peru Customer's High-quality Mechanical Sand Project Has Been Put Into Operation

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  • Dispose of materialssand
  • Processing capacity100t/h

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Customer Introduction

The company is a main sand, stone processing, sales of enterprises. Due to the needs of production development, a washing machine sand production line needs to be purchased. After an all-round investigation, Kolev was selected as the equipment supplier. The production line adopts the current domestic advanced wet production process, the finished product has less mud content and high crushing value, which can meet the current market demand for high-quality machine-made sand.

Technological Process

The sand and water mixture treated by the sand washing machine is transported to the centrifugal separator by the sand pump. The fine sand after classification and concentration is provided to the dewatering screen through the sand settling nozzle. After dehydration, the fine sand and water are effectively separated, and a small amount of fine sand and mud are returned to the cleaning tank through the feed box. Linear dehydration sieve recovery material weight concentration of 70% - 85%. Adjusting fineness modulus can be achieved by changing the speed of sand pump, changing the mortar attempt, adjusting the overflow water and replacing the sand discharge nozzle, so as to complete the three functions of cleaning, dehydration and classification.

Technological Advantage

1: Full recovery of fine sand, reduce the workload of sedimentation tank, reduce the cleaning cost of sedimentation tank. 2: The equipment refers to the national environmental protection standards, low noise, equipment dust removal can be configured, and the construction environment fully meets the requirements of environmental protection. 3: It can effectively reduce the loss of fine sand, and solve the problem of high fineness modulus of finished sand and low content of stone powder in artificial aggregate processing system. 4: According to the different requirements of users, design different solutions.

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