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Guatemala River Pebble Machine Sand Production Line Project

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Guatemala River Pebble Machine Sand Production Line Project

advantage Durable and sturdy, with low energy consumption

  • Dispose of materialsRiver pebble
  • Processing capacity80t/h

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Customer Introduction

The company is a professional engaged in coal washing in Inner Mongolia; Mineral washing processing; Manufacturing of coal products; Building block manufacturing; Building stone processing; Non-metallic waste and debris processing; Renewable resources processing; Sales of coal and its products; Building materials sales; Renewable resources recovery enterprises. Due to the needs of production development, a sand production line needs to be replaced. After various understanding and field investigation, we are attracted by the professional technology and excellent process of Colev Company, so we introduce advanced equipment and technology of our company and purchase the full set of coal gangue sand production line of our company.

Technological Process

The sand and stone materials are uniformly sent to the sand making machine by the feeder for sand making production. After sand making, they are screened by the roller screen, classified into different specifications, and then transported to the material pile by the conveyor.

Technological Advantage

1: Large capacity, high sand efficiency, good product sand. 2: can not only reduce environmental pollution, protect the environment, but also ensure the quality of building concrete aggregate. 3: Low production cost, high return. 4: mature process, high production efficiency, good machine material, high wear resistance, longer service life.

Henan Kolev Equipment Technology Co., Ltd
Henan Kolev Equipment Technology Co., Ltd
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The company is located in No. 145, Industrial Road West Section, Shangjie District, Zhengzhou City, covering an area of more than 15,000 square meters.